The Hosts

Solar da Glória ao Carmo is run as a family business. While Eduarda creates culinary fairy tales, José lets you discover the perfect wine to match each dish. As experienced organizers for any activity, both Your hosts will provide detailed and useful information to make your daily experiences the most enjoyable.
We believe in Hospitality as our greatest virtue. Together with our amazing staff, we want to wish you a warm "Welcome to our Place!"

The Place

A historical site in the paradisiacal island of S. Miguel– Azores, Solar da Glória ao Carmo obtained the status of a Protected Architectural Landmark by the Ponta Delgada council in 1993. Staying at the Solar allows you to travel back in time to the 18th century with all the comfort of the 21st. The house was rebuilt within the historical walls and now features all amenities to make you feel at home.
Come and unwind with us in this Bed & Breakfast, where history and nature unite to tell stories, inspire peace and bring wellbeing.

The Food

Nothing is as comforting as a good meal! The Soul Kitchen of Solar da Glória ao Carmo is based on the highest-quality ingredients, and the dishes are presented with an eye for detail that appeals to all senses –particularly to the palate.
Our breakfast can be taken at any hour and changes daily upon the market-fresh offers, as much as our dinners do. Our idea of cooking returns to the origins of fresh and seasonal ingredients, letting you indulge in a love-filled gastronomic experience catering to any diet. Make sure to see our events and culinary workshops: find out more in our blog"!


The Surrounding

Situated at Livramento, a mere 300 metres away we find the Pópulo and Milícias beaches, whose unique volcanic rocks and sands serve as testimony to the island’s unique geologic origins. Ponta Delgada, the Archipelago’s beautiful capital, is 5 minutes away by car or one hour walk by the Sea.